• Letter to a lost soul. — #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS

    November 8, 2019 by

    I follow Millennial Life Crisis and I love her posts. Take a minute and read this uplifting post about holding on and never giving up. Dear Self, Hold on. I promise you that it won’t be this way forever. So please, I beg of you, hold on. You might not know where this next year… Read more

  • Having Confidence, Hope, & Faith!

    November 7, 2019 by

    When you choose to get up each day to keep fighting your battles, that’s when you know that you are already winning at life. Having the courage and strength to actually make that decision means you are winning. Putting those feet onto the floor means you are choosing to stand up to the world. When… Read more

  • You are the Sky

    October 24, 2019 by

    “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” – Pema Chodron Last night during my yin yoga practice while in a deep holding position, my amazing teacher reads this allowed to us. ” You are the Sky and Everything else is the weather,” What? “How does this make so much sense. What a… Read more

  • What “I” Know For Sure

    October 19, 2019 by

    Love brings us LifeDogs were created to help us Humans live happier livesFire Places were made to warm up our heartsHands were meant to be held by the ones you loveHearts beat faster when you are Twitterpated Fabric Softener is a must, don’t ever skip this step. You are missing out on some serious softness… Read more

  • H.S Love Part 3, “Dating Life”

    October 18, 2019 by

    Where were all the good men………….? Would I ever find a good connection? Was I ever going to find my person…? When I decided to give dating a try again. I wasn’t sure where I should start. I didn’t go out to the bars a lot. I didn’t want to date people that I worked… Read more

  • Right Now Is All You Got

    October 7, 2019 by

    Right now, this very moment no matter what you are doing, this is what you got. Anything after this moment isn’t promised. We spend so much time waiting for the perfect time to drop, or waiting for the next best thing to come into our lives. We spend all this time waiting and then one… Read more

  • “Not Today Wind”

    October 6, 2019 by

    It all started with one windy day and my friend Beth, who also had a mutual hate for the wind messing up our hair in the mornings. I’m sure you have heard the term “Not Today Satan” lol well we decided to turn it into, “Not Today Wind”. So now every time it’s windy outside,… Read more

  • Happy Playlists, A Must Have

    October 1, 2019 by

    Here’s why, when you are feeling knocked down your mind tries to play tricks on you. For real though, you all know what I mean. It tells you things that are not true and puts stories in your head that haven’t even happened yet. It’s totally fortune-telling for sure, and I know that isn’t a… Read more

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