What is Normal? Who gets to decide?

What is Normal? Who is Normal? Did someone really get to decide what is and isn’t normal? These are my random thoughts at 4 am lol. My mind is always going, never stops unless I am “trying” to practice some meditation or some yin yoga. Ok, lets get back to it…….

Are you willing to base your entire life off of someone else’s version of “Normal?” What is actually considered normal?

Is it the married man, with a wife , and three kids. Or is it the married man with three kids and a Husband?

Could normal be pink hair on a 50 year old woman? Or would it be more normal for a 18 year old to rock the pink hair?

What about the kid who wants to wear his protective superhero shields everywhere he goes, is that normal? Or the little girl who hates anything girly and is leaning more on the tom boy side. Which one is “Normal” ? Do we have to decide?

What would make me be considered normal? Do you consider me normal? Do I even want to be “Normal?” We can all be quick to judge sometimes just because someone is different than us. So, are we normal or are they normal? Who really knows…

When I was a little girl I would play house all the time. I would put our little dog gizmo in a diaper and push her around in a stroller like she was my little baby, (I’m sure she didn’t love it, but she put up with me.) I loved wearing dresses, and putting pretend make up on. When I would play barbies, (one of my favorite things to do btw,) I always created a huge house underneath my day bed. I would turn it into my happy little home, with a mom, dad, and a couple kids.

Does my playtime in my younger years as a little girl sound normal to you? Is that how all little girls act? Of course not, that would be crazy to assume. I have plenty of friends who are beautiful women and as little girls they loved doing all the boy stuff and still do. Some loved doing both. Don’t get me wrong, I was a girly girl, still am, but I also loved getting dirty as well. I loved building forts and searching for cool looking rocks. At one point I had collected so many “special” rocks, my grandpa made me get rid of some. I had piles of them everywhere lol.

So what is Normal I ask and who gets to decide? In my eyes it’s just a title that someone made up, just like all other titles that have been created. They are literally just words used to put people into categories. But why do we even have to be put into a category. Why cant we just be us and be where we are and live fully without terms categorizing us.

I say, screw the titles, don’t worry about them. Live your special life and make it yours. Be happy being you. Don’t worry about being normal or not normal. Don’t worry about the title someone gives you or doesn’t give you. Just be you, today, forever, and always. Once you have that mastered, make sure you work on not putting others into categories based on how you view them. Take the time and truly get to know the people around you. No one has time for judgment. Let that go!

P.S. Be more like Baddie Winkle she is awesome. If you don’t know who she is check her out. She is the woman in the photo for this post. 🙂

Love, Kaseylynn

10 thoughts on “What is Normal? Who gets to decide?

  1. So interesting. I was watching a cookery programme the other day where the adult contestants had to create a dish based around the theme of a children’s fantasy book. 3 men went for Roald Dahl type disgusting, while the lady went for something pretty and fairytale. Those norms are so hard to supress.


    1. That is interesting and I think a lot of times we just naturally pick a choice or go with something is normal. But really we don’t have a normal. We are all so different. It all starts when we are kids I feel. Moms and dads instantly do what they feel in “normal” for girls and what is “normal” for boys. Then we just follow suit and it goes on and on
      Anyway a thank you for taking the time to stop by and read and interact. Have a safe happy day ❤

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