Clean It Up

Cleaning up your social media pages is so important. I can’t stress this enough. It’s needed just as much as cleaning up your living space, as well as clearing your thinking space aka your mind lol. We all know how cluttered that can get at times. So clean it up 😉

I started noticing awhile back that people who had chose to follow me weren’t following me anymore. Mostly I noticed this on Instagram as that’s how it’s platform runs. Some of these people I have known for years and genuinely liked them. Now every so often I go through my list of people that I am following and randomly look to see if they are following me back. If they’re not I click unfollow on them as well. Once you start doing this, you may be surprised at who has chosen to unfollow you, I was.

I know to some, this may sound petty but it’s far from that. When someone chooses to unfollow you, it is for a reason. It doesn’t always mean that they dislike you completely or totally despise you, but it does mean that there is something about you that they don’t agree with or that they don’t like.

I know some people start following you just so they can get a “follow back” then they go and unfollow you. This is by far the craziest thing I have noticed. People actually do this? How sad is that. They so badly need that boost of confidence by having the most followers but never building any connections with any of them.

It’s disheartening that the world works like this now. People base their popularity off of how many followers they have instead of having genuine respect and care for others. Some people want others to follow their lives give them likes, make them feel better about themselves, but they don’t want to help others out in return. Whatever happened to the old saying…

Are people that hurt inside that some have stopped caring about others?

I strongly advise you to not be filling your news feed up with other’s lives, when you are clearly not a thought in theirs. You have to be picky about what you let into your mind on a daily basis. Everything you look at, everything you hear, and everything you read embeds into that amazing mind of yours rather you realize it or not.

Social media can be so great and so damaging at the same time. Do yourself a favor and customize your pages to what makes you feel good. Follow people who inspire you, not the ones who don’t. Don’t click accept follow if you don’t want to be a part of someones life. Don’t follow others just to be nosy. Come on people, don’t be that person. Stop wasting your time on other people’s lives when you don’t even like them. Focus on your own life. Save that energy for the good things that will bring you humor, clarity and peace.

One last thing. don’t let yourself get too upset when you find out someone has unfollowed you. It’s a a cycle that we all go through, or I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post. Just choose to be picky at what and who you waste your thoughts and time on.

#CleanitUp! ❤️

Much Love, Kaseylynn 💕

Photo by geo uc on Unsplash

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