Friends Who Become Family

For those of you that don’t know my upbringing, my beautiful mother passed away when me and my sister were just little girls. I was 18 months & my sister Brittany was 5. We were truly blessed when my Grandparents chose to raise us. ❤️

Life growing up was blissful thanks to them. They taught us well and shared so much love with us. I will forever be grateful for them.💕

Fast forward to our adult years. About 5 yrs ago my grandfather got a job offer he couldn’t pass up. The hard part was that it required a relocation for them out of state. My Grandpa being the loving man he is, personally asked my Grandmother, my sister, and me if it was ok for them to make the move. He said he wouldn’t go if we weren’t ok with it. We all agreed he needed to take this opportunity.

He promised to send my Grandma home whenever she wanted and he has held up to that promise. Sometimes we see them on Holidays but alot of times especially Thanksgiving we don’t. Before they moved we always had Thanksgiving at their home up in Brigham. So with them being gone that came to an end. My sister and her Husband both work at a place that chooses to do Black Friday shopping. So that leaves them out for Thanksgiving Dinner as well.

My sister decided to start doing a Thanksgiving Dinner before Thanksgiving and I came up with a tradition of us doing Thanksgiving Breakfast. When breakfast is done her and her hubby take a nap before they have to head into work. That leaves me and the kiddos so I started bringing them home with me on Thanksgiving Day so we could spend it together.

I either cook for them or I take them with me wherever I go. I have to say, I am blessed and so very thankful for all my wonderful friends who have invited us into their homes to share their Thanksgiving meal with their families. ❤️🦃 This year my sweet friend Kathy invited us into her home. We had such a good time and dinner was delicious. 😋

5 yrs ago I bought a Thanksgiving Book where whoever I am spending the Holiday with takes a minute and writes what they are thankful for. I will have this book for years to come and it brings me joy when I open it each year and reminisce with the wonderful people I got to share Thanksgiving with.

Some of us have big families and some don’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your family. Even if it’s just by starting new friendships.

Friends are the people we get to Choose to be our family. Never stop making friends. Get yourself out their and enjoy your life no matter what.

Happy Late Thanksgiving Ya’ll

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