This Holiday Season Choose to Be…

Make a choice right now that you will be Happy and enjoy this Holiday Season no matter what comes your way, and not because you have to but because it’s good for your soul. Enjoy the little things like….

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Cider Mimosa
Try Making your own Turkey Meal if you don’t have dinner plans.
Maybe reach out and invite someone who doesn’t have any plans either.
Take a chance and make a homemade pie.
Call a loved one who lives out of state and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.
Donate some of your time serving the homeless.
Not much for Turkey Meals, make something you love that you don’t get to have a lot.
Cuddle up and watch some movies with your choice of drink, may it be alcoholic or non alcoholic. You know me, I will have that mimosa 😉
Sit down in a comfy spot and start a gratitude journal. Try making it a habit. Nothing wrong with always being reminded of the things that you do have in your life, not what you don’t have.

Shop an Angel tree. You can find these at most local stores and a lot of work places.
Hang some Christmas Decorations. Doesn’t have to be fancy. You could even find some awesome decorations at the dollar store. Hop onto Pinterest for some ideas.
Make cookies to give away, this can be more special than gifts and save you some money.
Start a new tradition, there are so many to choose from.
Shop with your heart, those always make the best gifts.
Watch Christmas Movies.
Don’t wait to be invited to a party, plan your own.
Help at the homeless shelters. This goes for human ones and animal ones lol, Both need the help.
Make hot coco, and read a heartfelt book.
Go see Christmas Lights.
Make a snow angel, honestly when was the last time you made one. I think it’s about due time for one. I am adding that to my list.
Make a snowman and dress him up. Who cares if you are a grown ass adult and have no kids helping you. Go have some fun.
Go ice skating

Here is what not to do ….
Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself because you are single and have yet to start a family.

Don’t dread your family parties. Either show up with a positive attitude or don’t show up at all. Let’s be honest, some of us don’t have the best family. You are not alone. If you don’t want to go then don’t go. Make other plans or stay in and start your own tradition.

Don’t stress about money and buying gifts. It’s that simple. If you have the money to buy gifts and you choose to than great. If you find yourself strapped for money then make a gift, bake those cookies or even write someone a letter or poem. Offer a lending hand to someone in need

Just enjoy the Holidays, make them special for you. Remember that they are just like any other day. I know society has hyped them up but in reality it’s just another day. Another day that you are alive and can do anything you want. Your life doesn’t have to be in any certain position, you don’t have to have it all. You just have to choose to be happy no matter what day it is. Just be you and do the things you love. Help others, and smile while doing it.

Happy Holidays

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

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