Love is Her Fire

Love is what fuels her soul. It’s what keeps her burning for more. Keeps her lit like a blistering hot summer day. She’s not like anyone you have met. Her soul needs to be fed with strong wild fire. Her desires are fiercer than most, & she’s much wiser to her core.

Sometimes it’s hard to control. Inside, her fire burns wild looking for more. Her mind being the only thing that can smolder out the flames. Never wise is the mind she says. As it creates a flood of water that only drowns her fiery desires. She knows how to be desired. But her fire has flames too high for most to acquire. Soulfully she trys to contain it, so others can stay lit but in the end her flames spread too thin. Her fire goes cold and there her soul sits patiently waiting to be lit.

Her soul will only settle for the biggest fire of her life. A Fire so big it can be felt by millions and seen by only the purest hearts. A fire so big that it will never stop burning.

She may forget at times, but she knows that she is that biggest fire 🔥

Love Kaseylynn

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