Having Confidence, Hope, & Faith!

When you choose to get up each day to keep fighting your battles, that’s when you know that you are already winning at life. Having the courage and strength to actually make that decision means you are winning. Putting those feet onto the floor means you are choosing to stand up to the world.

When you are making day to day decisions for your life, that means you are not giving up. That means you are stronger than you may think you are. I know our minds can play tricks on us, can make us feel like we can’t do it or that things are never going to get better. But deep down to your highest self, to the depths of your soul, it knows you can. You know you can. Your higher self chooses to ignore that deceiving mind. You choose to stand up and fight daily.

Having some confidence in ourselves, knowing that by choosing to get up everyday means we are truly winning at life, it means that we are doing amazing things for ourselves, and this confidence alone will get us through all of our days to come.

Sometimes a lot of us tend to dig too deep into our minds which can cause us more stress. We think that we need to find a better way, or find a way to get rid of all of our problems. We think we are never going to get through something or that we are too messed up to handle certain situations. We let our minds decide our fate. Choose to be the awareness behind your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them determine your life value or happiness.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.” — Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Be Confident, have hope, & a lot of faith. Have some faith that all will work out as long as you keep getting up every day and putting those feet on the floor.

Love Kaseylynn