What “I” Know For Sure

Love brings us Life
Dogs were created to help us Humans live happier lives
Fire Places were made to warm up our hearts
Hands were meant to be held by the ones you love
Hearts beat faster when you are Twitterpated
Fabric Softener is a must, don’t ever skip this step. You are missing out on some serious softness if you do.
Blankets were made to hug you
Trials bring us Strength
Sadness brings us Happiness
Absence makes us Value Presence
The right amount of Distance makes the Heart Grow Fonder
What is meant for you will Always Be
To Learn is to Grow
Deep Breathing will ease your Mind & Body Always
Smiling at a stranger will almost always make them Smile (Do this more often, the world needs it?
Daily Exercise for 30 minutes, increases the value of your life. If you don’t do this now, add it to your daily to do list. Find your passion exercise, there are so many to choose from. I will be doing a post on this so stay tuned for that. It’s more important than some of you may think.
Reading let’s you escape for a little or can expand your knowledge. So why not Pick up a Book.
Giving up is never an option, no matter what you are going through. Life will always get better. Please don’t give up.
Learning to be present in your moments is the key to stress free days. Learn how to practice it today. Don’t know where to get start, ask me?
Overthinking will kill your life
Learning to Love yourself will brighten your days and lesson your worries.
Having faith & hope keeps you going
Learning to relax will help you in more than one area of life. “Just Relax”

Last but not Least, I know for sure that I will be doing another post such as this. There are too many things that “I know for sure” I can’t bore you with them all at once. Till then, read this list as many times as you need to. Or Sent it to a friend. Maybe even make your own list of “Things you know for sure”

Happy Monday ya’ll, Have a great one.


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